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It's a MOBA

The aim of the Tempus Mortis is to bring the excitement and tension from MOBA games to the tabletop. MOBA is a gameplay phenomenon that has taken the online gaming community by storm.

MOBA stands for Multiplayer online battle arena, and the concept is simple. Each player has a Warband of up to five unique Heroes each with a selection of special abilities and powers that can be performed during gameplay.

Tempus Mortis is a one to two-player game allowing players to draft up to five Heroes each, with the aim of completing objectives to win the game. Players will have a selection of gameplay variants including a solo campaign, boss mode and more.

Unique Heroes

Althea Hero Sheet.png

Tempus Mortis is built around the Heroes and their unique Powers. Blight Games are devoted to ongoing support of this game and we have years of content ready for release via Patreon support.

Each Hero has four unique abilities available to them matching their ‘flavour’ and play style.


Players will need to draft a combination of Heroes meeting their individual objective needs and requirements. For instance, a Warband of Heroes with abilities related to board disruption such as summoning terrain, moving and teleporting Heroes, and charging towards the enemy with devastating attacks would be suited towards a Hero Elimination play-style.

Tempus Mortis also offers a unique ability Cooldown model that incorporates a timing mechanism for abilities and Ultimate's to allow players the strategy to time their attack for crucial moments during gameplay, giving them the upper hand at a moment’s notice.


As abilities are used, these powers need to recharge before being used again, so players will need to determine the right moment their Power should be used to ensure that not being able to use it immediately again isn’t going to negatively impact them on a future turn.

Hero Tactic Decks & Card Driven Mechanics

Dream Eater Deck ALT9.jpg

All heroes come with their own passive abilities, action abilities and a unique deck of cards called the Hero Tactic Deck.


The Hero Tactic Deck has a unique set of cards your hero can contribute to their team with powers matching their archetype and associated realm. Throughout the game, players will be able to play cards from their hand to perform attacks, mitigate wounds, deliver devastating blows with magical abilities and a range of other things.

Each deck also contributes a power value, symbols and a description of an action. The power value will help determine how much damage an attack does, and the symbols can help with abilities that may happen within the game.

Card Symbols (Abilities, Attacks & Saves)

Hammer Gold.png
Boots Gold.png

Each card in a Hero Tactic Deck contains a symbol. There are five types of symbols (hammers, cogs, boots, daggers and swords) and certain attacks and abilities will provide different effects depending on what symbols are drawn during an attack or casting of an ability.

The symbol can be seen on the right-hand side shown in the example seen in the section ‘Hero Tactic Decks & Card Driven Mechanics’. Some cards have two symbols, therefore increasing the odds of drawing a symbol-type that benefits the ability or attack being performed.

Hero Abilities & Ultimate Ability

Dream Eater Ult Example.jpg

Each Hero has three standard abilities and one Ultimate ability listed on their Hero profile card. These abilities are unique to that Hero and have been designed to provide a thematic approach to showcasing the Hero's skills and aptitude on the battlefield.

Abilities provide players with the option to change the board state, block opposing Heroes, create certain features on the board, break the rules, and many other things. The abilities will provide clear instruction on how to perform and utilise these game-changing powers. 

Hero Realms

Realms are gateways to other dimensions that have different cultures and Hero archetypes that can be fielded on the battlefield. Some Realms are more skilled at Steam technology and their skills and abilities will reference these benefits on their cards, whereas others, like the Insomnium faction, have other benefits befitting to their playstyle and skills on the board.

Each of the Hero's comes from a particular realm. Realms offer specific passive skills and benefits to the Heroes and should be taken into consideration when drafting your Warband.


The ancient Dwellers are large monsters and humanoid beings located within the Tempus Mortis universe that live in some of the realms Heroes will be fighting in. These Dwellers are up for the taking and defeating them will provide players with various rewards and ongoing benefits.

It is up to the player to assess if eliminating a Dweller is conducive to their overall victory or if the benefits outweigh the risks.

Dwellers are placed onto the gameplay area at the start of the game, depending on which map/arena has been selected. These Dwellers have a threat radius that activates if a Hero is too near to them, as well as walk a unique pathway guarding their territory or walking across the map. 

Careful planning on how to navigate these areas is a must if you wish to survive in Tempus Mortis.


Tempus Mortis offers a number of win conditions for players to compete against. Win conditions are as follows;

Global Win Condition – Available to both players

  1. Either player destroys the opposing player’s Möbius within that player’s deployment zone.

  2. Either player has eliminated all of the opposing Heroes in one Round and that player cannot activate anyone that turn.

  3. Player Selected Objective Cards

At the beginning of the game, before drafting Heroes, players have the opportunity to select an objective card from a selection of unique objectives. Players can determine if these objective cards are selected from the pool of cards or randomly selected.

These objectives can offer different ways to play Tempus Mortis, and the hero drafting component of this game is very important in ensuring players can satisfy their objective requirements.

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