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Omera takes her elemental skills and smashed heroes  into the dust...

Omera can feel the stone lying below the surface of the ground we walk. She turns it to her advantage as one of the most lethal lithomancers crossing the Tempus. ​



REALM PASSIVE - BLAST ZONE: Stim Tolerance 5. Earthers are unaffected by negative effects in zones.


Shard Volley - CD 2

Deal 1 Flak damage to target opponent within RM. Reveal a card, if you reveal a Cog use this ability again. If you reveal double cogs deal 3 Flak damage instead.


Stim - CD 1

Stim: Gain 2 stim conditions: When you reveal a card you may use a stim condition to change one symbol.

Ruptured Earth - CD 5

Place a 3" zone on Omera. All units within or entering that zone become slowed. While in a zone Shard Volley's CD becomes 0. This zone is not removed.


Stone Prison - CD 6

Choose a hero within RM. 5 stone obelisks rise and surround them. Each obelisk has 2 health and 4 armour. The hero is trapped until at least one obelisk is destroyed. Obelisks remain in play and do not count as cover or block LOS.

How To Play

Omera is a one of a kind mage. Made for massive continuous barrages with almost a complete resistance to magic. 

You need to position her very well to make the most of her damage. Gain Stims early so you can use them when you need, then move into a good defensive position, if you need to protect a tower, attack a dweller or foe and lay down your zone. Shard volley is the brunt of the attacks, while in the zone you can cast it twice a turn, saving her double cog cards in your hand for massive damage. If you don't have too much time to set up ult your opponent and tie them up for a few turns.  

Because Omera relies on positioning, being able to push or pull opponents into place can help a lot. Having additional Earthers to lay down more zones makes her more versatile, and having someone to protect her when she stands her ground is pretty useful.  

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