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New Dawn

Clockwork City Realm

New Dawn

The New Dawn realm was subject to being stuck in the Dark Ages for an additional 300 years compared to the timeline experienced in the earth realm. Earth’s realm witnessed this change once Constantinople, the capital city of the Byzantine Empire, fell to the Ottoman Empire, therefore, ceasing the stranglehold religion held over those seeking progression towards scientific endeavours.

New Dawn has opted to focus on steam and gunpowder technology believing this was the safest approach to restoring their Realm and satisfying the Conclave. They did have their detractors, former New Dawn followers who had shifted to their own Realm calling themselves the Old Ways.

This realm favours the creation, invention and usage of steam-based technologies, perfecting the art in many ways. The speed in which they have progressed their people from their old ways of living since the core eleven realms and this supported the decision to create The Conclave to assist other realms with their expansion.

This has also created another secret association called the New Dawn Order comprising of nobles and people of science looking at ways to break away from The Conclave and integrate themselves as the leaders of the progressive realms. 

Brighthaven City

Brighthaven is the main City of the New Dawn Realm, a large steam powered industrial complex set in the English Victorian era similar to Earth realm prior to the collapse of CERN.

With the development and invention of steam technology, this has helped the City grow upwards with the use of pistons and steam powered machinery. Dr. Heimlics research and development in this space has been critical to the growth of Brighthaven and the envy of those wishing to have the influence and skills to be accepted as one of its inhabitants.

Money and power will buy you a spot in Brighthaven, however only if you possess the necessary skills to continue grow their Cities power and technology.

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