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Althea is the cotton through the needle. Enters from one side and exits the other...

Althea is a Physical Assassin haunting New Dawn's shadows. She has a range of gadgets to aid her in her job, as well as a deadly bow that packs a punch. 



REALM PASSIVE - VENT: During the end of round sequence, cooldown one of your abilities by 1.


Dead Decoy Gadget - CD 3

Althea throws a decoy gadget. Althea becomes untargetable by any attacks or abilities. Gadget is removed when Althea next activates.


Protection Gadget - CD 3

Activate a Protection Gadget. Create a 3" zone around you. If an opponent moves or is moved into or out of this zone they gain a slow counter and take 2 flak damage. Althea gains +1 Armor and +1MR. Gadget is removed during upkeep.


Precision Shot - CD 4

Choose an opponent within HIGH range. Deal 5 flak damage.


Spray Shot - CD 6

All units within 5" Spray are dealt 6 flak damage. Ignore any cover.

How To Play

Althea can hit hard from a distance and has decent tricks up her sleeve with her gadgets.  

Her basic ranged attacks deal significant damage and extra damage with her passive. Precision Shot is great for Towers, Mobius, Dwellers or that last guaranteed hit to secure a kill. Her Protection Gadget is another way to cause flak damage but also provides defense (even pre-emptively) if in a sticky situation. Althea's Dead Decoy Gadget is a way of feigning death if you are in fear of an ultimate targeting you - just watch for when you next HAVE to activate. Her ultimate again is a high precision shot dealing flak damage, beware positioning as it can effect your ally's.  


Althea works well alone but having a support that can reduce her cooldowns. 

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