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The Dream Eater tunnels into your subconscious to shake your foundations rendering you useless...

The Dream Eater is a Magic Tank hidden in the deepest recesses of Insomnium. They slowly make their way towards you, captivating and entrancing, then your world is shattered. 



REALM PASSIVE - NIGHTMARE: Draw two cards during saves and apply both.


Feed your Fears - CD 3

Target hero within RL becomes SHATTERED twice.


Eat your Fears - CD 2

If an opponent is SHATTERED deal 7 flak damage.


Mindrot - CD 4

Using a 4" Spray, all heroes within take 3 flak damage and gain a slow counter.


Wild Lucidity - CD 6

All units within RM gain a Stun Token. If they are already stunned The Dream Eater gains a shield token. LOS is not required.

How To Play

The Dream Eater is a great support for a high damage hero. They are hard to kill, reduce damage and make you suffer. 

Feed your fears is a simple way to reduce damage. Shattered falls off at the next upkeep so get it placed at the start of a turn for full effect. Eat your fears takes advantage of any hero that is shattered dealing a hefty blow. Mindrot will slow your opponents and with good positioning can be devastating. Wild Lucidity is a massive way to reduce the actions your opponents have. You need to position well as it will effect your units too. 

Look for ranged heroes that can attack from a distance so you don't get in the way of their ultimate. Spellcrafters and Ranged Fighters can take advantage of shattered opponents. 

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