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Favour is a dapper man with Intelligent gadgets...

Favour is a all rounder support specialist, boosting the members of his Warband for the victory.



REALM PASSIVE - VENT: During the end of round sequence, cooldown one of your abilities by 1.


Fortune Gadget - CD 3

Favor gives target Hero within RM a Fortune Gadget. When that Hero next attacks they use the gadget to draw an additional card and add it to the attack total.

Heatwave - CD 3

Target a Hero within RH. Increase one of their abilites cooldown by 2.


Stamina Gadget - CD 1

Favor gives target Hero within RH a Stamina gadget. The Stamina gadget grants +1” movement to any movement actions while not used. The Stamina Gadget can be used for an extra action this round.

Mimic - CD 5

Choose a hero within RM. Copy and use their ultimate.

How To Play

Favour is tough and can make decent attacks. His gadgets are very helpful when you give them to the right Heroes.

Heatwave is Favour's second ability. This is a hinderance to your opponents plan. Aim it carefully to disrupt the combos. It has a huge range so can target whoever you want. Favour has two gadgets. Fortune Gadget is great for a hero doing a huge attack or an attack against a tower or dweller. Inflict the maximum damage by choosing heroes with big deck values. His Stamina Gadget can aid speedy movement towards objectives or discarded for an extra action when you need it. This Gadget can stack so someone could be very speedy. His Ultimate can be hit or miss. You have to plan well and read your opponents (and your) Warbands ultimate actions to make the best use. ​


Favour has a decent deck but could use a hero with cogs to boost his MR. He works well in objective grabbing missions to aiding the speed of specific heroes or with fighters ensuring multiple hits and massive damage.  

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