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Built with love L.E.O.N was ready for war...

L.E.O.N is a Physical Tank built in a basement. He is strong and sturdy and when he hits you feel it - when you wake up. 



REALM PASSIVE - VENT: During the end of round sequence, cooldown one of your abilities by 1.


Shield Jack - CD 3

Target a unit within RL. Reveal 3 cards from your Hero Tactic Deck then deal one flak damage for each Hammer symbol then the unit becomes stunned.


Heavy Swipe 2.0 - CD 3

Attack up to 2 opponents within RL at 4 damage. If you deal any unsaved damage they become slowed.


Program: Tanked - PASSIVE

Whenever a hammer is revealed for your Warband, friendly Heroes within 5" deal 1 flak damage to an opponent with 1" of them.

Favourable Battlecry - CD 6

All friendly units on the board immediately deal 5 physical damage to an opponent within 3" of them. LOS is not required.

How To Play

When L.E.O.N is in range he can hit hard and keep units down. His armour protects him from the majority of physical attacks but he has little MR. 

L.E.O.N has two passive abilities. The first is a protective one, aiding that lack in MR as well as synergising with Program: Tanked. Whenever a hammer is revealed for your Warband, all ally's within 5" are able to deal flak damage to an opponent in melee range. This can be revealed on an attack or a save, and if L.E.O.N. does it-it counts twice. Shield Jack is a quick stun and a little damage, and Heavy Swipe 2.0 can slow units down at long range. His ultimate Battlecry inspires all friendly hero's an extra attack.

L.E.O.N. can take quite a few hits from physical attacks, make sure to put him up against physical opponents as his MR is very weak. Not having the same amount of abilities means he could use some extra actions. 

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