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Tempus is the Realm that exists between Earth's dimension, in some cases mirroring human endeavours in subtle ways, yet in others a brutish hellscape with dire changes to the course of recorded history.

Humans have longed for proof of multidimensional theory with the Tempus being the first Realm found. Some Realms found dinosaurs were no longer extinct, wars were won and lost in different ways and one particular Realm where water had ravaged the planet.

These finds were a relief to physicists worldwide, offering different insights to the course of human history and the progression of culture, religion, technology and war.


Scientists were put on the front foot gaining a better understanding of the future of our planet sharing knowledge with our new dimensional neighbours.

Over time, scientists found they had opened a rift with energy so dangerous that all other Realms were rendered unstable. This Realm was the eleventh Realm, otherwise known as 73MP5 or Tempus.

Realms one to ten were seemingly stable, however anything beyond Tempus was slowly disappearing. A conclave of experts and elders across the Realms were developed to tackle this new threat, and at first solutions were in sight, but slowly other realms and factions took matters in their own hands enacting war between rival realms pushing for control and vying for their peoples survival.



It was as small as a pubble spinning in its nothingness between Realms, as dark as a black hole, the Blight started to form. Becoming sentient with its surroundings, the Blight started to learn and adapt sending small particles of its being to linked Realms to start the shedding.

The Conclave had been warned of an energy existing between the realms, but had waved off the claims as more pressing issues were at hand. Warring factions, instability of hundreds, if not thousands of Realms in their control were reaching fever pitch, and the Blight was soon forgotten.

The New Dawn Realm had started to stray from the discussions, opting to find solace in their own research and discoveries of steam and gunpowder technologies in hopes of stabilizing their future.

The Waterkin, a water-based culture, albeit given to the cause of saving the Realms and working with the Conclave, the Waterkin felt that fulfilling their prophecy and finding the uplanders would pave the way towards stabilisation.

With lack of ability to control the Realms, the Conclave lost control and Tempus became a battleground. Many believing the Conclave were hiding information and purposely hindering the Realms survival.

Heroes of their Realms were trained and war was waged on Tempus.


Realms faught, battle raged and Heroes aimed to win small skirmishes in hopes of stabilising their Realm, meanwhile the Blight grew. 

The blight listened, learned, grew and developed sentience. The mortals who studied it came and went and time slipped by and slowly it understood that the only way to progress and evolve was to merge with the mortals.

Biding its time, it selected a Realm matching its needs. 

A submissive culture with a climate suitable for the evolution it required.

The people responded warmly seeing the Blight as a coming from the chosen one, welcoming the merging of beast and man, slowly changing them into monsters.

The Conclave were aware of these transformations, but unable to respond or act in time. The symbiosis was complete.



During the early days of dimensional research the Covenant discovered the Realm Coil. A hyperdimensional roadway linking all of the realms together via vast strings of energy. They discovered energy tendrils were acting as entry and exit points from one realm to another, creating drastically different worlds based on decisions made by the previous realms.

The Covenant saw the axis win World War II based on key decisions being made by the allies at differing periods throughout the global engagement, a world where CERN created a black hole, corruption infected the world and the delay of the progression of science leaving mankind without electricity. These were small examples of what lurked within the numerous Realms they investigated.

Over time, the Covenant witnessed the Realm Coil behaving like a sapling tree newly planted in fertile soil, with hungry roots slowly extended outwards spreading through time and space giving birth to new Realms. The dangers this posed to the core eleven Realms was insurmountable.

The Covenant saw the eleven Realms as the trunk, the core, holding strong against the ever growing presence of new threats beyond their control. Something corrupt was brewing in the blackness well beyond the reach of their technological limitations.

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