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Morlak slows his opponents then plays with their mind until they dribble...

Morlak is a Magic Fighter wafting from the depths of Insomnium. He slows his opponents to make it hard to escape, then when he is close he enjoys destroying their mind so they can only use basic abilities.



REALM PASSIVE - NIGHTMARE: Draw two cards during saves and apply both.


Horror Wail - CD 2

Target opponent within RH becomes slowed. It's controller discards a card.


Fearmonger - CD 3

Make a ranged attack at 5 Damage. Target opponent may discard a card. If they do, reduce the damage by the value of that card.


Rake - CD 1

Make a Melee Attack. Target opponent may discard up to 2 cards of their choice. Instead of revealing a card for the attack use both the values of the discarded cards. For each card they can’t or won’t discard add +3 damage.


Mental Manipulation - CD 5

Choose 3 cards in your opponents discard pile. Use them on Morlak immediately.

How To Play

Morlak is a solo operative. He is more then capable of taking out an opponent on his own and making it hard to fight back. He is best for assassination operations but can also make it a fight for your opponent to not achieve their win.

Use Horror Wail to slow your opponent and get in close. His Realm and Passive bonus will help protect him for large amounts of damage. If you are still out of range Fearmonger is a good setup for your ult. Rake is the damage dealing ability. Use this every turn in melee combat for maximum effect. Attack and follow up. His ultimate will let you essentially have 3 actions. Keep a close eye on what your opponent is discarding as you could find a great combination. Also watch for the reshuffle.

Look for heroes that will shoot him forward and increase his attack damage for team effects. 

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