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Welcome to Tempus Mortis

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Tempus Mortis is a tabletop wargame with a difference. Emulating the tension and excitement from the MOBA genre, TM welcomes new players and veterans to the MOBA genre alike offering unique gameplay, fluid mechanics and engaging lore.


Tempus Mortis is a lore heavy skirmish miniature wargame set in the multi-dimensional plains of Tempus.

Using an open model system, ten heroes are pitted against each other in a MOBA inspired battle arena eliminating opposing heroes, destroying towers, completing objectives working towards stopping the Blight from entering their realm.

Each hero is equipped with numerous abilities custom designed to their individual architype. Abilities can be upgraded to deliver increased damage or rule-bending benefits to other heroes within your Warband.

Blight Games are committed to the best tabletop MOBA experience and have designed years of content for Tempus Mortis fans accessible via our Patreon campaign.

Tempus Mortis is for gamers who enjoy tense gameplay, a large amount of choice and strategy in Hero drafting, objective selection and usage of unique powers during gameplay.

Experience Tempus Mortis now.

What makes TM unique?

  • At launch we have 15 Heroes with uniquely designed gameplay aesthetics matching their battlefield role.

  • Hero and objective drafting mechanics to keep games different every time.

  • Unique abilities powering your Heroes ensuring success at every turn.

  • Campaign play for ongoing Hero progression

  • Solo play mechanics using the AI Bot system for single player games.

  • Miniature agnostic system, accessible to all gamers and miniature collectors.

  • Ongoing support via Patreon with custom designed maps, new Heroes, new campaigns and objectives to name some of the updates planned for 2022 onwards.

  • Ongoing community engagement to keep the momentum of the game meeting the consumers needs.

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