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Rhiannon inflicts pain and suffering on his foes, then rips them away...

Rhiannon is a Magical Assassin hailing from Insomnium. He slows his opponents to make it hard to escape, applies multiple conditions and with his ultimate ability tears them out for maximum damage. 



REALM PASSIVE - SWEVEN: May move through terrain as long as the movement is wholly clear or terrain. Unaffected by terrain restrictions.


Pressure Point - CD 1

Make a melee attack to an opponent. you may remove any condition markers on that hero. if you do add +4 damage to the attack. If they have more then one, you can remove more for additional damage.


Know Your Weakness - CD 2

Choose an opponent within RM. Reveal 2 cards. For each different symbol that unit is given one of the following conditions: slowed, shattered, poisoned, or shielded. you may not give them the same condition twice.


Blunt Strike - CD 2

Choose a unit with a condition marker. That hero becomes stunned.


Lacerate - CD 6

Range attack all opponents within 8". If they have a condition they are attacked at +4 damage. Then remove all conditions from all heroes within 8". LOS is not required.

How To Play

Rhiannon's playstyle relies on good condition markers that stick. Teaming up with units that apply poison, stuns or slows, conditions that are harder to remove will definitely help. 

Use basic attacks to slow your opponent. His Realm bonus will help protect him for a shirt time. Then use Know Your Weakness to apply a few conditions, and Blunt Strike to set up for the next turn. Your ultimate will deal damage to all opponents with good positioning, and heal your own heroes of any conditions. 

Look for heroes that give multiple condition markers and increase his attack damage. 

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