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Splindle is one of the fastest Waterkin to walk the Tempus...

Splindle is an agility based Waterkin, speeding through water bodies and destroying towers on her way. 



REALM PASSIVE - PARACELSIAN: On turn 1 and turn 3, Waterkin can place a 2" water terrain feature on the gameplay area. When Waterkin move over water they can move to anywhere on any water feature. Waterkin are unaffected by water terrain restrictions.


Flash Forward - CD 3

Take a movement action and move Splindle in a straight line. Each opponent you pass through takes a +2 damage melee attack. If you pass over any water, reveal an extra card for each attack.

Sentient Wave - CD 4

Whenever a tower attacks Splindle prevent 3 damage while this Ability is on Cooldown. The wave also makes a bonus attack once per turn for 4 physical damage. It does not trigger contact attacks.


Steam Spin - CD 2

Choose a hero within RM. That hero cannot make a move action that ends closer to Splindle this round.

Realm Split - CD 5

Splindle places three realm tokens upside down within the range of their movement. On Splindle's next activation reveal them, one token teleports Splindle to it, one explodes slowing all units within RM, the last explodes dealing 3 flak damage to all units within RM.

How To Play

Splindle can move very fast. Her damage isn't huge but she can zip to a tower and start taking it out.

Splindle's Ult can be used early, dealing damage, hindering your opponents and teleporting Splindle ahead quickly. She is tough and can take a few hits while you have no actions left. Steam Spin is useful for preventing opponents from coming close to their targets or objectives, useful for an assassin or spellcaster that might need that one extra turn. Sentient Wave is useful for attacking towers, preventing damage each time a Contact effect happens and dealing additional damage. Flash forward can be used with the realm passive to create fast moving zones you can zip through and escape without getting hurt. 

Splindle is great at taking out towers using powered attacks and getting there long before your opponents can retaliate. She suffers a little from not dealing much damage to your opponents but definitely gets in their way. She is good solo but may need a fighter deck to make her damage more critical. 

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